Terms & Conditions

  • Our Company under the name SEVEN KRITHARIOTI  S.A. ( hereafter  “Company”), under its function as Officer of Processing, would like to inform you of  the collection and processing of your personal data set by the General Regulation 20016/679, given the General European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) going into effect this month, we’ve made updates to our Privacy Policy effective May 25th, 2018.

    What personal data do we collect?

    The data our Company collects includes details you provide us with, such as your given name, surname and contact information such as your mailing address, email address, mobile and landline telephone numbers.  

    What is the purpose of us handling your personal data?

    The purpose of us collecting and handling your personal data is strictly for the fulfillment of our Company’s purposes towards you and always in a strictly professional manner.

    Only after receiving your consent, are we to use your personal contact information for promotional and informative material, relating to upcoming collections, invitations to events and our Company’s newsletter. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us at sevenceliaike@gmail.com and our Company shall terminate all such communications with you immediately.

    With whom do we share your data?

    Our Company, to the extent  it is deemed necessary, may transmit the processing of your personal data to data storage and filing companies, companies soecuialising in IT and telematics services, lawyers and adisors. Where thisis the case our Company confirms that external companies shall do so only under strict restrictions by us, and have been given written consent to this effect and are fully bound by fulfilling their obligations as seen by the law in regards to the collection and processing of personal data.

    How does the Company protect your personal data?

    Our Company confirms having taken all technical and organizational measures, in accordance to technological standards and current laws and regulations, to ensure that the processing of your personal data either by our Company or my third parties on its behalf, is appropriate and follows all necessary levels of protection to avoid any unauthorized or accidental access, processing, delrtion, alteration or other use of them.

    How long do we keep you data?

    We will not retain your personal data for longer than is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which you provided that personal data, unless the law permits or requires that we retain it for longer. After this period your data is retained in accordance to the data protection policy of our professional services or the necessary amount of time for our Company’s protection in a Court of Law or any other official authority.  

    What are your rights regarding your personal data?

    We would like to inform you that under the current law you have the right to: a) have access to your personal data as also relevant data processing, b) ask us to update, correct or supplement the data we hold on you, c) ask us to delete or erase your data from our systems, d) to restrict the processing of your personal data in cases where it is restricted by law, e) the transference of your personal data on publicly used or recognized logos such as CDs etc., f) stop the transference of your personal data  to third parties –besides us- for the purpose of processing, as also g) to oppose the process of your personal data in cases, where it is restricted by law.

    To exercise any of these rights you need to submit the necessary written request to our company, to which we shall respond to within a month of receipt. This time frame can be extended for a further 2 months, taking into account the complexity or multiplicity of your request.

    Furthermore, our Company takes on the responsibility to inform you, without any ado, in case of any breach of your personal data, which is likely to set your rights and freedom under threat, provided this is not by-passed for legal reasons. On the occasion that you become aware of any of the protection of your personal data you reserve the right to call on the Greek Authority of Personal Rights Protection and relevant Courts of Law.        

    Who to contact in case of further questions?

    If you require any further information about our privacy policy, please contact our Privacy Officer:

    Celia Kritharioti
    Email: info@celiakritharioti.gr
    Address: 8, Daidalou Str., Athens. Tel: 210 3221318